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Hi, I'm Edwin.

Web developer._

Open Source Projects

Library Loader

Library Loader is a free and open source implementations of the SamacSys Library Loader. This version is compatible with all three major platforms: Windows, Mac and Linux!

Rust Github


tray-item-rs is a Rust library that provides an easy interface for making tray icons and menues on all three major OS platforms, Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Rust Github


Use plank on multi-monitor setups with ease.

Rust Github


es6-css-minify is a open-source VS Code extension that lets you minify JavaScript, CSS and generate source maps with a simple click. View source on Github or download from the VSC Marketplace.

Typescript Github VSC Marketplace

Chickens Attack Helicopters

Chickens Attack Helicopters is an online implementation of the popular table top party game Cards Against Humanity. It's a game for truly horrible people. Play it on or contribute to the game on GitHub.

Typescript Github


rdg-linux is a simple front-end application for the CLI tool rdesktop. This was created for people that don't like using the terminal for everything. View source or download on Github.

Rust Github

... and many more can be found on Github!


You can contact me via email or Twitter.